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No one like bugs crawling in and around their home, so the professionals at Dave Brown's Pest Control Inc. can come in and safely help to control your insect problems. We specialize in a pest control procedure to get rid of your unwanted insects in a way that is harmless to the environment.  We offer FREE estimates on this amazing service!

Insect control

One-time treatments

  • Ants

  • Spiders

  • Earwig

  • Flea

  • Roach

  • Pantry pests

Sometimes you run into a single infestation instead of suffering from a chronic problem so Dave Brown’s Pest Control Inc. provided single-treatment options.  This solution is great for when your dog get fleas or if you find bedbugs on a mattress.


No matter where you need us; inside, outside, eaves, or baseboards, we charge by the visit and not by the hour like many competitors.  Our pricing rubric is designed to be competitive and save you money!

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Insect Removal Practices

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